Showstopper Week on Dancing With the Stars!

Hi everyone. At the end of our video, Renee and I agree that we feel disconnected from Jana Kramer’s dancing —not Laurie Hernandez– we misspoke.  That said Terra Jole was awesome last night!  Watch our video, share our video, and let us know how you thought the dancers performed.  Thank you for supporting us!


It’s Time For Some More Tap Dancing!!

Hi Everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed your summer.  It has gone relatively quickly for us, but has been filled with family, friends, good times and lots of dancing.  Next week begins a new season of Dancing with the Stars so stay tuned starting Tuesday, September 15th, for our reviews.

Meanwhile, we have some more tap dancing to share with you.    

It’s Time to Dance!

There is such a broad spectrum of music in our world — jazz, pop, classical, reggae, country, opera and rap (and many more)– and it is constantly be shaped and reshaped.  It is not uncommon to find rap sequences in r & b or even rap in an otherwise “easy listening” song.  Likewise, dance styles must grow and expand with the music.  Renee is always willing to challenge herself to choreograph to current music as well as the old standards.

We thought we would go back to our Tappin Duo roots and share some of Renee’s brilliant choreography to Pitbull’s Fireball.  Enjoy!!!