It’s Semi-Finals Week on Dancing with the Stars!

Wow Wow Wow!  Simone Biles went home before David Ross!  Is it because David is more “people friendly” on the dance floor?  Did Simone’s comment last week turn people away from voting for her?  Watch our review of last night’s episode to hear our thoughts.


Are you Watching SYTYCD? Have you seen the movie “Spy?”

We wanted to share some thoughts with you on a variety of topics.  First we do a taste test of a homemade cherry juice and ginger beverage meant to help joint inflammation. We also talk about last night’s episode of the new So You Think We Can Dance.  Finally we talk about the movie “Spy”, and we highly recommend it to all Melissa McCarthy fans.  Miranda Hart from “Call the Midwives” has wonderful comedic timing and delivery as well.  Later this week we will post another tap dancing video.  Enjoy!