Vegas Week Worth the Gamble on DTWS!

Last night’s Vegas Night on Dancing with the Stars was fantastic.  Mandy Moore’s opening number was creative and fun, and spotlighted all the stars and the professional dancers.  David Ross of the Chicago Cubs stole the show with his Magic Mike routine.  Tune in below to hear our review of the entire episode.



Look Who Won Dancing with the Stars!

Hi everyone!  Can you believe we finished another season of Dancing with the Stars!  It was sure a close race between James and Laurie.  Sharna and Val did a tremendous job choreographing each week to ensure that his or her dancer was atop the leader board.  ABC however has to show more respect to its viewers.  We have seen every episode this season and yet they felt the needed to recap the entire season.  The finale did not need to take 2 evenings, let alone 2 hours each night.

Famous Dances Week was a Success on DWTS!

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars was very entertaining.  The opening number choreographed by Mandy Moore was spectacular.  She paid tribute to several famous dances, including Fred and Ginger, Chorus Line, Chicago, Singing in the Rain, and even All the Single Ladies by Beyonce.  The number would have been even more spectacular if the music could have a mash-up from the famous dances.   The stars and their partners also provided us with a huge array of dances, including, from Britney Spears’ to John Travolta in Grease to Elvis Presley.

Watch our review of the dances.  We are sorry to see Paula Deen leave but as she says, “Now she can see her grandbabies”.