Tappin Duo Sugarsnapblu wants to wish all of you mothers out there an AMAZING Mother’s Day.  When we think of the word MOTHER..we think of women who have inspired us to be the wonderful women we are today.  I Renee would like to thank Lisa for inspiring me to have faith in Mothers again.  To watch her raise her two girls has been such an amazing inspriation for me.  I met her two daughters when the oldest was 7 and the youngest was 5.  Wow how time goes by so quickly now the oldest is finshing her first at Cal. and the youngest is going to be a senior in HS.  To watch her be an example for her children is awe inspiring.  Happy Mothers Day to the best Tappin Partner I could ever ask for.

Well that was a very sweet and overly generous comment, but life works both ways.  I have seen in Renee an example of how to be a great mother (since she has 3 of her own).  I am grateful every day for her wisdom and experiences that she shares with me. Now I have the honor of watching her grandparent.  It is always nice to be friends with those who are willing to share themselves and their lives.  Happy Mother’s Day to the creative and talented half of Tappin Duo.

Don’t forget to wish those you know and love a Happy Mother’s Day.


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