Frustration, Frustration, Frustration……DTWS..

Have you been watching Dancing With the Stars?  We have.  For those who don”t know we have been making weekly videos recapping the shows and offering our opinions on the dancing and choreography.  We are in week 9 and thoroughly frustrated with the shows slow progression in coming to some sort of finale.  Renee quite frankly does not understand why why why we have to see two hours of DWTS.   LIsa feels it’s 3 flippin’ hours — 2 on Monday and 1 on Tuesday –for less than a half hour of actual dancing.

Here we recap last night’s elimination show.  Riker was the only one safe last night.  Watch our video and feel free to give us your comments.  Remember, next week is the finale.  Who will win? Rumer Willis? Riker Lynch? Noah Galloway?


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